Welcome to Gran Canaria.
Since April 2012, there is the bar "Bude4" in the shopping center "La Sandía" in Playa del Inglés - another bar with modern livestyle and off the usual mainstream. In recent years, the bar has become a popular meeting place for singles and couples who would like to do something frivolous. I'm passionate and enjoy the special male attributes, so the bar is also a hip place for swingers. There is no beginning and no strict rules for clothing, but any sexy outfit is welcome. Many guests use the bar for frivolous dating. Women like to show themselves in transparent clothes without underwear and they enjoy the looks and compliments of the visitors.
The bar is not open to the public - the entrance is activated by a bell and a door opener. The beverage offer is rich and offers many cocktail creations at very normal prices in the bar. The minimum turnover is for couples and individual gentlemen 10 euros. The cozy bar offers a wide range of options, from simple chilling to sexual activities. Many guests find it particularly stimulating to watch them having sex. There is a comfortable "Erotic Lounge" for relaxed enjoyment.

Depending on the character of the bar, I serve you an elegant and spicy outfit.
However, there are no prostitutes or ladies for the escort service.
From service to DJ, I can make the entertaining evening alone.

The music is adapted to the evening mood and offers a pleasant feeling of well-being for every taste. Of course you can also dance ...
Well, got curious?
Then just enjoy the next Gran Canaria holiday in the bar "Bude4".
Bude4 - the erotic bar with the special flair.


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